In 34% of Indian population is youth. Youth is said to be one who can make or destruct a society. Thought and actions of youth can make a country ahead in the progress of development. If the  youth of the country is provided with opportunities than the educated youth can achieve a milestone in the route of progress. A famous proverb states, “The glory of young men is their strength.”

National youth policy which was given in 1992 had the major goals of youth welfare which include the following points: –

  1. Organising programs for national and cultural integration of the country by means of youth oriented activities.
  2. Promoting awareness in social welfare by taking an initiative in the youth population.
  3. Fostering better interactional opportunities between the youth in various parts of the country.
  4. Promotion of education and self-employment in the social atmosphere by means of youth.
  5. Developing leadership training

This policy takes the vision of the youth to make it strong through the vision of making the nation strong. Indian constitution directs the youth to promote awareness of country’s heritage and development scientific advancement. The constitution further directs educational policy of the youth to be inclusive of qualities like discipline, self reliance, justice etc.

Youth related policies are based on four areas of concern: –

  1. Youth
  2. Empowerment
  3. Gender Justice
  4. Inter Sector Approach

Special emphasis is given to youth suffering from disabilities, youth problems (both rural and urban) and unemployment crisis in youth.

Tapping youth talent in a proper way is the path to be followed. This direction of youth leads to the progress of the country. Developing facilities for sports, athletics and other creative activities for leisure and vocational training has now become the chief concern of government various career oriented approach and its facilities are also being initiated by the government. Guiding youth is the major area that needs to be consolidated otherwise it way lead to chaos and confusion in society.