If you have a big house and your router does not work properly there, then you have to face a big  problem of weak signal in your apartment. Here are some of the latest wifi extenders that you can use in your home.

  1. Net Gear AC 1200 – it has many special features like Wi-Fi protected access, point mode switch, power button etc. this also has super simple set up and compact design. You many get sroeng Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your home.
  2. Linksis welp – this also has high security features with modular mess network and new design. App based setup has 716 Mhz qu core processor off his device. This enhances the signal strength of router and makes it appear in wide range network/.
  3. TP link RI 350 Ac 1200 wifi range extender – this has KED connection strength with wifi protected access. This is cheaper in comparison to other wifi extenders. This has one front display and two antennas for better connectivity.
  4. 2 D link wifi dual band range DAP 1520 – this has two network antenna , protected access etc with easy to use site are, the two antennas are helpful in making signal go anywhere in the area concerned.


How to enhance offline productivity without internet connectivity

Now a days internet facilities are closed due to security reasons. Here are some of the tips so that this blockage of internet does not reduce your productivity  and efficiency.


  1. App to be used often – ne should know the app that is used by him often and how hat app helps him in utilizing his strength. For example, the code decode app is essential  for a web developer, graphics editor for designer or photo editing program for a photographer. Most of these app run on desktop or may have some online or some offline features. Enabling  them helps in this regard. if something more is needed, download such apps which are used to work in offline mode.
  2. Read it letter tool – this is the best tool to organize the information in a better at so that it may be used gain for further investigation  on the file. This  is a pocket app and is used to save content. This is known fir web clipper and highlighter the evernote, reading list of safari used Mac. If you need information on a website, then whole content can be downloaded. This is also saved in PDF format.
  3. Email Client – if you need to continuously check he emails then being offline might trouble you, . some of them like thunderbird, mail spring, sylpheed, mailbird and Em client shows your urgent mails in very less internet facility or less connectivity or weak signal. This has mail automated connectivity too. With gmail chrome user setting of enabling  offline mail  one can check gmail in an offline mail.
  4. Task list – to do list or proposed works can be done  with a google task web and supports both phone and computeer. This also helps in  minimalist, sleak, spread sheet etc.
  5. Notes Taking tool – this app supports whose ideas which are rrquired for information store and text editor and are used  as notes, noty, notabke, papier etc as platforms.
  6. Office suite – this us uses to work as a suite in both high powered or basic suite., for example, if your work is in office, then libra office can also be used a s support with window and liunux user abiword and bean operating system on mac, thus us uses for docs, eyeowrj, joho office, only office, software office, wps office etc in an offline mode.
  7. Product management tool – this manages the task of a tool and has evernote, chrome and other browser extension in both online and offline mode. Google keep is the feature provided by google chrome.