There is no doubt English is an International language. English has a deep and an old relationship with India. The importance of English at the authoritative point is well known. It is the associate language at the centre. The medium of teaching in higher specialised institutes is still English. English enjoys a commanding position in science, technology, law, medicine commerce industries and diplomatic services. India is a multilingual country. There are many regional languages and some are official language of the specific states. It never becomes mother tongue. But it is important as a communicating language throughout India.

Future of English in India also depends on its future in international level. If English language declines in International usage or in United States the importance of English language will go down in India. English language will emerge as an effective source of knowledge in the library. English is one of the most widely spoken languages. It is probably the only language which is spoken in all the continents of the world. Most educated Indians are well versed in the language. English is extensively used in government offices. It is also used for social interaction on various platforms and in the business spheres. English language has taken deep roots in the country. It plays an important part in maintaining professional relationship between India and foreign investors. Indians have attained a high degree proficiency in this language. English language in India is a life-live of contact with the outside world. It is an important bridge for the traffic of thought between the east and the west. In India English continuous to be an important language used by computers and commercial establishments in major parts of the world.