A women doing her duty in the roll of a daughter,mother, wife, sister.When a lady born with her duty will start in the form of daughter. When she grow up slowly slowly she reads, play and helping her mother in home,after then she will get married and doing roll of wife,daughter-in-law, mother etc.Some rolls of a lady and her works are as follows-

Mother-“Maa” means a word which is fullfill of Love.A mother left her all own work and do for her child.She makes tasty and healthy food for her child.She will teach her child first as a teacher.She take care of her child any point of view in his life                     She forgot her life for child and giving good manners to her child. We can’t explain the word “Maa” in lines.We people should give thanks to god for giving us mother.

Wife -A lady who leave her that home where she born,play,read and come a unknown home between unknown people after marriage is called wife.In our country when a lady come another home after marriage then several people’s expectations will increase with her. The level of expectation is very high.It start with Dowry.people wants money, lagej,cloths ,utensils, jwelry many types of things wilth a daughter.After then they want doing good work form there daughter-in-law.Some people can not see emotions, behavior,love of that girl.And after that girl will appear a good daughter-in-law,wife expecting all her duty.

Daughter-A daughter takecare of
Her parents best as compare to a son.After that in our country people wants a boy when child born.When girl born in home she helps her mother in home, she helps her father in several type of out work,she helps her brother as a good sister in the form of friend.She takecare of her parents whole life as compare to  a son.We can see changes in a son to his parents after marriage but cannot see all this in a daughter. After all the sacrifices what a daughter got in country? Sometimes people take her life also,same on these type of people.

Conclusion-As I thought a lady doing great job in all rolls.Our known as “Bharatmata” and we all depend on a women. Every successful man will reach the hill of success with the help of a women. A women is behind of every successful men.She is a statu of love,sacrifice,power.In our society we call laxmi of women in different roll.A real women is that who leaves their life for others in home and in country also.We all know in every field women reached in politics as a leader,as a Doctor, as a policeman,as a teacher etc every field she gave her best and will grow our country also with house also.In every field womens are ahead as compare to men.We all have to gave thanks to a lady who is worshipped in our country as a goddess.