“Employment is nature’s physician and is essential to human happiness.”

  • Golden

Unemployment has become a chronic and regular feature in Indian economy. Various socio economic dimensions are associated with it, namely, theft, economic disparity etc. the reason behind this problem is that there is a lack of reasonable jobs to be provided in the country. Unemployment has become a serious issue in throughout the world in today’s scenario. However, unemployment is classified into seven categories, which are as follows:

  1. Open or structural unemployment  ( increasing population and no work)
  2. Disguised unemployment ( less or no productivity )
  3. Seasonal unemployment ( farmers after the production of their crop)
  4. Cyclical unemployment ( waged employers like cotton mills)
  5. Frictional unemployment ( trying to learn new things for job)
  6. Technological unemployment ( technology requires less people)
  7. Sudden unemployment ( absence of rains , draughts and famines and other happenings make unemployed)

Unemployed is that state when a person is out of work. He wants to work but does not get his due. This leads to waste of youth and its energy which have immense importance in leading the country forward. Moreover, this leads to poverty, adversity, slow economic growth and other causes in society.  The uses of available resources should be done in such a way that it leads to the prosperity of the country. The relevance of education system too needs to be revived and reviewed. The common drawback in our education system is the lack of practical knowledge. The candidate is judged by the marks obtained by him not by his capabilities and practical performance. This pattern of rote learning and memorization needs to be curbed. By reducing unemployment one may find a lot of changes in society in spheres like education, sanitation, public health, infrastructure development etc.