We all know about unemployment that how to spread its wings to everywhere. It is a very big problem of our country.It takes most involvement in progress of our country.Because its directly related to economy and its related to progress of our country.

Today maximum population is suffering from this problem in India. Persentag of unemployment is high.We can’t talk about illiterate person but can talk about educated peoples.They also searching job here and there because its most important to there life.Every man needs money for living there life in good way and for this he have to do something for eraning money.someone did job or buisness for this.But everyone cannot do business and jobs are not easy to found due to the Unemployment.

We have to try our best for finished this problem.At first we have to find the reason which are hide behind it then we have to think about it then we will resolve it.Corruption,democracy, political pollution many reasons are come in front of us.Now no one ready to take that person who are able to do respected job. No one want to see the ability of a man.Only Jake is  going everywhere. Who have strong Jake he got job,no connection matter that person has ability or not for doing that job.That’s why educated persons are visiting here and there or doing any job for money.

We all knows reason and we all knows solutions also.So we have to go forward in right way. Not a single person’s responsibility,it’s for everyone. When everyone  racing voice for unemployment so we achieve our target to remove it from the basis.