This project was launched in the year 1990. This is first large science project in the field of biology. The planning of this project is done with an expenditure of around three billion dollars. This project further involves 18 countries and 250 laboratories. This project has an objective to help the creation of a map which have the whole set of genes (genome) present in human cell. This project helps in decoding human cells by explaining the concept of three billion units or base pairs (bp) of human DNA. The genome is also known as the book of life. The exploration and interpretation of the Human Genome Project will provide the answers to the question of human organs and how these are built? Another aspect that is observed here is how human body helps in the functioning of human body as a healthy human being. As we all know, health comprises of both physical and mental structure of an individual. The context and content of this project is that it provides information pertaining to gene and its associated disease. These findings will also reveal the design of human body and strategies to cures them. Gene therapy provides information about curing an individual but not his descendents. As genes are hereditary transfer of human body. Another aspect that needs to be cured through this process of genes is that the successor (ofcourse with better treatment) can remove the genetic defect. Such kind of inventions and discoveries will help in changing the gene of entire human species. The future generation will be the one who have to live with these changes that are taken into account by means of gene changes. Many diseases can be conquered or eradicated by this project known as the Human Genome Project (HGP). This is a revolution in the field of genetics.

Benefits of Human Gene – The chief benefit of human gene is that it helps in determining the genetic disorders or having scientific basis in genes. It helps in determining the unique element of an individual. The genes and its information are useful to physicians to know about the sensitivity of their patients. Also, it helps in explaining the pharmaceutical companies to design drugs on the basis of individual results. These also help in creating genetic profile of patients. Various new technologies like Genome Map, Genetic Counselling and Gremlin Gene Therapy (its prediction and prevention) are also developed on the basis of genetic research. The practical way to use new technology is basically related to genetic screening and counselling. Genetic knowledge will lead to treatment which will help in knowing the real cause of disease. It will also lead to lessen the effects of any disease related to genetic disorder. Genetic mutations are too referred in any kind of treatment based on genetic disorder. Thus, human genome is considered to be a revolutionary technology in the path of medical sciences. However, a lot of changes and inventions are still to come in this sector, thereby making it more popular among the therapists of the world.