Split of inter faith couple in Kerala

A recent case at Kerala high court had a strange case where a  five year old boy was supposed to be named with their parents being a inter faith couple. The father, was a Hindu gave the name Abhinav sachin to the child whereas the mother being a christan named him Johan mani sachin. Justics A K Jayashankar naambiyar gave the order for naming the child Johan Sachin. He said in his judgment, “… it would be in the interest of justice to accede to the wishes of both the parents to the extent possible, and therefore, assign the name ‘johan sachin’ to the second child …the name ‘Johan’ would represent the wishes of the mother of the child and the name ‘sachin’ as a surname would satisfy the requirement of the father 9whose first name is Sachin)… this course of action would be in interest of the minor child.”

The couple are having divorce proceedings and have challenged the Kottayam municipality for not issuing the birth certificate  of their child after they could not reach any consensus.

The mother sought the name on the basis of baptism certificate but the father presented the prove of a ceremony when the child was 28 days old. The woman or mother agreed to drop mani from the name but father was determined to make abhinav the first name of the child.