“Science is the key, which unlock for mankind the store houses of nature.”

  • Samuel

20th century is said to be the century of science. The trends and performance in the field of science can be improved in a better way. Organic science is another branch of science which is paving its way in recent times. India has a big pool of talent and intelligence. At the time of independence science was developed through setting up of various Autonomous Research Institution (ARIS) under various researches. Research section was improved in the year 1996 by the establishment of the TATA Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). This institute had given the opportunity to young scientists for training aboard. TIFR has also provided varied intellectual material for atomic energy programme of India. The CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) also worked in making India self-reliance in the field of science by creating various laboratories in the country. Today, a large network of ARIS is present in India which was established by various department of Government of India. Indian Government is also initiating steps in developing scientific technology. Government is trying to link and connect ARIS with various universities for getting new ideas. A hurdle and hassle free environment is also being developed for a dedicated research. Students are also being motivated to choose career in science stream due to excitement. Merit, selection and other things are required in this sector to produce quality output. An interaction is also being developed between students and universities for making science as a brilliant career for research, discovery, invention, creation and innovation. Scholarly meet should also be organised. Another aspect that needs to be developed is the administration for encouragement. Talent should be promoted by means of goals oriented approach and stress free environment.