In today’s scenario people talk about rights but they don’t know what their duties are the blame game continues leaving the problem unchanged and sometimes more complicated. Novelist PremChand observes, “The rights and duties were wedded to each other. The biggest rights in the world are achieved through service and sacrifice.” Prevalent social disparity states that the people are deprived of their natural rights. Rights and duties are complementary to each other. This supplementary response when gives paves the path for the success of constitutional objective. This is not one way traffic or between individual to individual. It is an interaction between a man and his society. It shows the conscience of a man and his thought process about other individual. Proverb states, “Give to the world the best you have and the best will come to you.” One should look for country’s benefits but not from his own perspective. Momentary pleasures need to be curbed social, economic and political disparity has to be eradicated. General and national benefit need not to be mixed. The preference should be always of national interest, constitution, its objectives, the rights and duties prescribed for a citizen must be known to one and all. Pleasure and happiness are included in life to make a person free in social sphere. Liberty, license, freedom, execution and price are the chief elements which crave the way for the fulfilment of rights and duties. Batand Russell once remarked, “Science has given us knowledge but not wisdom, it has given us comfort but not happiness.” We are conscious of our rights out not aware of our duties. We should work for our country benefits. Democracy has both ways going that of giving duties and taking rights. Our first Vice-President Dr. R.S. Radhakrishan once said, “Each individual in civilized society should only think of what he is capable of doing for his country and not what he can get out it.”