Breathe in, breathe out  () meditation for better health and body action

A recent Study  at university of Columbia drives the conclusion  that people who regularly meditate are supposed  to have better sexual life and better functioning of sexual organs.  meditation has always been considered for keeping one stress-free, patient, tolerant and calm,  more new and recent studies suggest that it (meditation)  can also influence your sex life.  This is drawn by A study published in the journal of Sex and Marital Therapy where a study case  has established a link between  two elements, meditation and sexual functions; and their effect on human body.

For this study, researchers studied around  451 women between the ages 19 and 70. These participants answered an online questionnaire which had questions based  on their sex life and meditation practices as well. It was  also reported here that women who meditate  had a better scores on parametric measures of sexual functioning and  erotic desires.

Lori A Brotto,  who was the study’s lead author and is presently working as a professor at the University of British Columbia, told a leading website website, “In particular, our findings show that women with meditation experience have higher scores related to arousal lubrication, orgasm and desire that women with no meditation experience.”

The study also focused  that meditation can also bring an overall improvement in the mental well-being of an individual. The study also noted that  this could, in turn, reflect positively on the sex lives and behavior of an individual. Brotto also implied in their studies  that they have collected a  pilot data and noted  many  clinical experiences of the subjects which  indicate their theory  that men can also get these  benefits in  the same way from regular meditation like women sample of this study.




How to spot a narcissist or pessimistic person in your life

We all know very well that there  are two kinds of people: pessimistic and optimistic.  Some of the Pessimistic are also called Narcissists  who are  just beyond being conceited or self-centered human being. Dr. Ramani Durvasula who is working as a professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles and is  a licensed clinical psychologist  shared some of the main qualities that might makes  you, or someone you know, a narcissist.

Blaming others for their problems – One of the common quality of narcissists is that they  never take ownership even when they make mistakes. They are always ready to   blame anyone . they  never admit their deeds.  .

Lack of empathy – This is mostly  recognized as the  chief hallmark quality of narcissists people.  The People with narcissistic personality disorder  often  fail  and are incapable of relating their feelings to others or relating  to the feelings of others.

Expecting endless thanks for their small deds  – When narcissists purchase someone a gift or do their work, they expect an inappropriate amount of gratitude towards them. This quality  is applicable  to the workplace, also.  Let’s see an example of  they help you, or  mentor you or advance you or do something small or big for you, they will expect you to thank them for a number of time. They want you to be grateful for that deed  for the rest of your life.

They wanted that they should be every time  told they are charming – Narcissists have a  tendency towards  highly superficial personality traits which chiefly  includes the traits of  charm and charisma. In some situations if  a narcissist treats someone badly or may harm them, then that person will always logicalise and  rationalize the  behavior of a narcissist. Further,  they think   they couldn’t  do something so bad   for someone because they’re so charming and good behaviorists.  in other words, they think themselves to be socialize.

They always  think that the world doesn’t see how truly amazing personality they have and how wonderful  they are –some of these people  are vulnerable and are always  driven by the same qualities of  shame and other’s perception of them. They mostly  think that the world has passed them by, or that they’ve been forgotten by the people around them.

Bubbling anger – Narcissists people  have an inquisitive tendency  for exploding  into rage, especially in the case  when they don’t find  their way or path to success. They  people are typically of very angry nature with  deep sensitivity find in them.  Further, this anger  in people  emerges  in people when they don’t receive special treatment or the respect desired by them.