Gmail has been revamped many times in past six years. Now it has posses many security features to protect the personal data and deal  with suspicious emails. One should try new gmail option nfrom the setting which is depicted by gear icon. By clicking next and default with a view option we find new gmail box. The question is why one should try new gmail option. Here are the bonus and add on features of new gmail.

  1. Main menu – in the left we have some labels like important, sent, draft, spam etc. every time the cursor moves to show the full view of folder pane.
  2. Quick mentions – like the email address bar shows all the recipient’s list and you choose the one desired.
  3. Preview attachment – one can preview the attachment sent. This file can be downloaded as well without any inbox.
  4. Smart replies – gmail gives option for smart reply buttons. This option gives templates of replying.
  5. Snooze – clock icon on a e mail gives option for reminding about pending emails in your account. This also helps in reminding you to do  the follow up.
  6. Add-on sidebar – this helps in quick accessing and copy paste options. G suite  market place options help in installing extensions for productivity and collaboration of many tools. Google tasks are also provided.
  7. Hover actions – this helps the user in accepting a mail or declining it without opening the mail.
  8. Contacts – you can visit your contact app by clicking the right side button available in your screen.
  9. Confidential mode – this helps you in getting a reminder regarding the unread message. This helps in maintain the ideal atmosphere for confidential documents.
  10. Anti phishing direction – risky web links or spam emails are always advised to be deleted.