New age stress busters

Stress has now become the part and parcel of human life. Further, it has evolved and increased in multiple number in recent times.  People have prepared new methods to deal with this over growing stress. Stress is now seen in many shapes and is visible in all spheres of human life. Stress is  present everywhere like boss in office with his deadlines for work and different faces of household in domestic life. Somebody has aptly remarked, “The first and foremost thing that a person should keep in mind if he desires to stay hale and hearty in the long run is to be positive in all circumstances. Next comes, the physical activity involving about forty-five minutes of exercising, yoga, walking or any other kind of exercise which is also important to keep fit. It is important to eat right. Avoid consumption of alcohol and keep stress at bay.” Here we have picked some of the options for reducing stress in today’s life style.

  1. Visualization in a creative way – Carl Simonton developed this technique in 1970 . This was developed in order to help cancer and tumor patients. This is helpful for those who have the capacity to develop their own healing techniques. These visualizations are very successful for patients. People visualize and see relaxing beautiful images of their own choice like beach, calm and serene environment or seeing colorful and chirpy birds. People imagine that they are on a sand beach relaxing in waves returning to sea. This kind of imagination and visualization helps in the reduction of anxiety and stress.
  2. Tai chi – this is also a great reliever of stress. This is a great reliever which is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and is used as a modern day stress buster. This kind of stress reliever system  also helps in strengthening  of muscles, joints and other human organs. Also, regular practice of Tai chi helps in lowering blood pressure (BP) and flows direct energy (chi) in getting blocked. This further helps in raising energy bar of  individuals and also improves blood circulation.
  3. Dancercise – a combination of dance and exercise is directly related to human body and its energy level. Half an hour session of it is equals to energy consumed in a cardio workout. Aerobic workout or a gym session is very entertaining and a person can develop his unique style of dance in some time. This experience might release all their emotions of human body and make mood balancing possible.
  4. Aroma therapy – this alternative form of healing uses essential oils and other kinds of aromatic compounds. This is done for improving the mood and health of a person. It further has elements like lavender oil which helps in getting a person better sleep and further,  reduces stress levels at a considerable rate. Spas and many work places  also use eucalyptus oil to make people alert, aware, fit and active for doing their job.
  5. Sound therapy – this therapy is to listen to therapeutic sounds which are soothing to eyes. These are also helpful in lowering blood pressure and reducing stress levels. Some of the doctors in recent research have said that a person must listen to much soothing music for at least two hours per day amounting to a total of 100 hours. Natural sounds are also used as creative sounds like sounds of ocean, sounds of leaves, sounds of birds and even chanting or listening to mantras. Even meditative sound like ‘OM’ also helps in regulating blood circulation in human body. Listening or enchanting gayatri mantra daily keeps one calmer.


The importance of health  and stress free life in words of a doctor are as follows, “sound health is one of the most valuable gift that we can give to ourselves. A healthy person has the power to control his physical and mental states of mind in a far better manner than an ailing individual. In today’s day and age, it is importance to reduce one’s stress levels to keep healthy in a long run. Our sedentary life style doesn’t permit us to do much of physical labour, so including any sort of exercise in one’s daily routine is a must. Is a person wants to lead a healthy life, it is significant to follow your hobbies. People used to suffer from life style disorders like diabetes and hypertension aster the age of fifty years, but today the younger generation especially the children are falling prey to these diseases, which is an alarming sign for us to change our life style.”