Nano Technology is a approach that refers to understand and mastering the properties of matter at the nano scale. Nano Technology is the subject of a recent commission communication. In a world wide nano technology race, enormous is currently made. In Nano Technology there are many opportunities and risks for our society and nature. Nano Technology is considered as the key technology of the 21st century. It can offer solutions to many current problems by the smaller, lighter, faster and better performing materials components and system.

Nano Technology can open new market opportunities and make some big contributions to environment and health protection for the welfare of the society. Nano Technology brings scientists and engineers together for many different subjects such as physic, material science, chemistry and many more. The power of nano technology will be contained in a personal factory that can be placed on a counter top or desktop. It has miniature chemical processors, computing and robotics with which it may produce a wide range of items quickly, cleanly and inexpensively. Nano Technology products will be built directly from blue prints. And by this high quality products can be made cheaply. The idea of Nano Technology was originally conceived by K. Eric Drexler, which he defines it as Technology based on the manipulation of individuals atoms and molecules to build structures to complex atomic specification. Many problems has raised in the progress of nano tech and has raised many questions among the scientific community concerning its viability. The moving of atoms, gathering of  information. All the nano tech optimists are skill out there. Many scientists still it as more a science fiction. Anti Nano group relies on scientific fact to condemn nano tech. For Eg:- it is argued that we are very far away from ever seeing nano tech due to the fact that when atoms get warm they have a tendency to bounce around. Here are some bad effects of nano tech. One scenario which elaborates the danger of nano tech and it is that nano technology could spawn a new form of life that would destroy all other life on earth. It could also take a form of a new disease organism which might wipe out whole species including homo spines and destroy everything including the human race. The rapid replication rate that nano tech is capable or could allow it to out produce real organism and turn the biosphere to dust. It controlled by the wrong people nanites could be used to alter or destroy those person enemies. Nano tech could be used as a deals weapon. They may also occurs, simple errors such as receiving the wrong instructions points towards nano tech doing more harm than good. Unless precautions are taken nano could lead to complete annihilation. In the end nano tech could give a life style never before imagined. On the other hand, it could destroy entire species. How beneficial nano tech is? It can only be answered by coming time.