Myths and truth relating to diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease and there are many myths surrounding it. Some of the myths are opened here.
1. Excess of sugar leads to diabetes – this statement is partially correct and partially incorrect. If there is no one diabetic in a family and no one is pre diabetic then he might not suffer from diabetes just by eating sugar items. If one’s family member is diabetic and is pre diabetic ; and eats sweets more then he might suffer from diabetes as insulin comes out of pancreas.
2. Diabetic person should not eat rice or potato – its nit that a diabetic person should not eat white rice or potato but he should eat carbohydrate food in limited quantity. Indian food comprises of 70 to 80 percent of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are responsible for obesity and diabetes. Eating polished rice, refined wheat and potato increases sugar level. A diabetic person should eat ore green leaf vegetable, soybean, kidney beans and grams or black grams. Thus increases the balance between protein and carbohydrates.
3. Diabetic have low resistance power and get ill easily – immune system is weak when a person has uncontrolled diabetic. They get prone to infection easily. If sugar is controlled and have controlled sugar then he might live a healthy life like a healthy human being.
4. Type 2 diabetes happens only to obese people – this is a complete myth. Many type 2 diabetic patients are either thin or have proper weight. But obese people have had more chances of type 2 diabetes. It is also true if somebody looses weight who is suffering from type 2 diabetes; then his type 2 diabetes also decreases.

Salt can increase diabetes

Salt is the primary source of sodium in human body. Salt has 40% sodium. This also means that having 2.5 grams salt in our food gives us 1 gram sodium in our body. But reports suggest that maximum consumption of sodium might increase diabetes or sugar in human body, institute of environmental medicine and Calolinska institute Sweden and Dr. Bahreh Rasoli has experimented in this regard.

This research has indicated that intake of 2.5 grams of salt extra everyday increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. This increased risk is 43%. The people who take 7.9 grams of salt or 6 gram or less increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%. Other than diabetes they also increase the risk of latent automine diabetes (LADA). This is a type of type 1 diabetes which decreases the resistance body capacity of insulin producing cell in liver. The intake of more than 1 gram of sodium increases the risk of LADA.

Myths and truth related to diabetes

  1. Diabetic people get tired easily- that’s not true. Most of diabetic people have good energy stored in their body. They have a control and check on their sugar level. If sugar is not controlled. Then get tired easily.
    2. People taking insulin are bad drivers- they are good drivers but they should keep an eye to insulin timing. Food should be eaten on time and they should eat proper nutritious food.
    3. Gestational diabetes gets cured with or after the birth of child- this is not true completely. Gestational diabetes that is diabetes during the time of pregnancy cannot get cured at birth if not given a proper care and attention. Diabetes can get into mother from birth to 5 years of birth. Changes in lifestyle and controlling weight can cure diabetes.
    4. Fruits should not be given to people suffering from diabetes- this is not true. If diabetes is not controlled then they should not eat fruits. Otherwise guava, orange, papaya and apple are better fruits for them. They should eat fewer bananas.