Hello,I am back again with “Journey With Emotions”. Hope you all enjoying it with me.

Now a days Everyone is tried with busy life style. Workload is too much in everyone’s life.Everyone wants to live in relax environment where no tent ion of any work.So they have to made a journey at new places.

When a person to hang out some favorite places he was nearest with  happyness.He leason the voice of heart.To be happy he made that program and to go out of stress full life.

Many placess are to visit like pachmadi,mahabaleshwer,mandav,triupati balaji etc.Different people have different choice.According to there choice people goes on different places.

Everyone’s have own emotions to hang out on places.Some goes after marriage for honeymoon,someone for picnic with friends, family, colliges. But the conclusion is coming same behind everyone’s visit.With the help of happy journey we have to made strong relation  with life partner, friends, family colliges also.And after coming we have to do good work in every filed and go forward in life step by step.We left stressful life behind that journey.And our knowledge is also update with the help of it.

Several benefits of it.No any drowbeg of it.People should have to find some time from tipical busy schedule of life for visiting.In summer vacations families went for this.As my thought every person has made it part of life.