India – a country of around 1 billion people sometimes the question posed is whether this is an asset or liability for us. However if we consider, each person of one billion is comprised with Brain, hands and other capabilities to make our country ahead in the path of progress. The only factor to be considered is to make the best use of resources available. There is a lot of potential in our country which when infused with dedication and devotion can help in the emergence of a new dawn in the world, namely, India. This sustainable development needs the prerequisite of infrastructure. On a big country like India infrastructure expansion requires modernisation and expansion. Good roads, better railway facilities, fully furnished airports, efficient telephone communication networks, planned colonies etc are required in this regard. This will pave the way for depletion of backwardness in the country. If these changes occur in the country then the pace of development will be increased. Social infrastructure like schools, colleges, hospitals, sanitation facilities and proper drinking water also needs to be developed for increasing the pace of development. Hospital facilities need to be improved for expansion and modernisation for infrastructure. Infrastructure complements development disposal of sewage and solid wastes are a common problem associated with infrastructure. A large number of investments are required for the development of this infrastructure and every component of development needs to be addressed. NGO (Non Government Organisation) and private sectors should work with government agencies to deal with the benefit of people at large.

This leads to the satisfaction of minimum needs of the society and maximum benefits of the people as the element the way for the larger concept of developing infrastructure. Bold steps, good governance and deep implementation of policies can develop infrastructure for the country. All these nuts are hard to crack in society   should be eradicated from grass root level.