Is Indian Press Free? To answer this question we will say that the Indian Press is entirely free if we go by the letter of law. But the moot question over here arise is whether the press in India is truly and really free. In other words, the reporting in our press is not objective and impartial. Today the press is adopting all sorts of corrupt practice to trap the psyche of the people by portraying the seamy side of our society. The press has lost its mass awareness in the gold rush for power and money. Not only this the press has ceased to be the moral cultural vanguard of the society which the youth now cannot look up to for shaping their political consciousness and personality in a healthy spirit. The Indian Press is only instigating the youth of today by filling their minds with misleadig stuffs and channelising their enthuastic and bouncy energy in wrong directions. The question that comes upper most in mind is where is the Indian Press heading to? These newspapers forget that they have a role to educate the mass and evolve healthy public opinion. The movement of citizen journalism has now emerged as the international the voice of protest. The freedom of the press is also threatened from within by gatekeeper editors. The importance of the freedom of the press lies in the fact that for most citizens the prospect of personal familiarity with newsworthy events is unrealistic. In India the media have played a historical role in providing information to the people about social and economic events. The media have informed the people about the tremendous poverty in the country sometimes the media present twisted and distorted news that may contain an element of truth but also an element of untruth. The media should avoid giving any slant news and avoid sensationalism and yellow journalism. Only then will they gain the respect of the people and fulfill their true role in a democracy. Press comments on a pending cases especially on criminal cases where the life or liberty of a citizen is involved are a delicate issue and should be carefully considers. After all judges are human beings too and sometimes it may be difficult for them not to be influenced by such news. Often the press publish correct news but place too much emphasis on frivolous news such as those concerning the activities of film stars, models, cricketers and so on while giving very little prominence too much more important issues that are basically socio economic in nature. The press become powerful tools in the hands of people then because they could not express themselves through the established organs of the power those organs were in the hands of feudal and despotic rulers.

Is Indian Press Free? This is a matter of great importance to India as it faces massive problems of poverty, unemployment, corruption, price arise and so on. In India media have a great responsibility to fight backwards ideas such as casteism and communalism and help the people in their struggle against poverty and other social evils