Google docs and its app features

Google docs is a word based processor which is found in  Google web browser . This app launched recently known as google docs  helps in creating documents online with added features like editing, saving, copy, paste and sharing on other platforms. Other than that, documents can be accessed on any computer with internet feature. Google docs is a shared online document which has editing feature. All these features make this added features on Microsoft word.

Using ms word is very easy like Google docs. For using google docs, one should first visit google. Com. After signing in an individual’s  Google account ( if you do not have an account, create a new one which is easy ), one can create new document on the start page creating  an blank page or new template document. After completing the prepared document, one can share such documents to the team concerned or colleagues.

Google docs save and secure the article after typing it. Online storage component support helps in content automatic saving feature.  Google drive also helps in saving documents especially big and bulky files.

There is no need to download the document for an  e- mail.  Also by Going in file menu and attaching the concerned file helps in sending and sharing the file in the format desired.

If you want to share the documents directly or for  instant use, then one should use  the share option available on the upper right side of file. U can also copy the link or use link to share facility to send the file. The settings in these files can be changes to public or personal as well.


Gadgets needed while driving

Technology is advancing now a days. There are many apps prescribed for various activities which is done by an individual in day to day life. Therefore, some of the gadgets are prepared for the benefits of people who travel a lot.  If you drive for long hours, you always need those gadgets that help  the person driving. Apart from entertainment, these apps also give information and are helpful for driver.

  1. Spare charging cable – you cannot think to charging your phone without charging cable. If our charging cable gets damaged, then this charging cable will help you a lot. You can keep different cables in desire of many phones. These are also used for charging phones of all the passengers in your vehicle.
  2. Tripod – if you have an interest towards photography, then this accessory is must for you. This will help you in creating best shots for yourself.
  3. Cell phone holder – using google maps is very essential at unknown places. Mobile phone holders ensure that there is no danger of accidents in terms of checking the correct path for reaching a destination.
  4. Garmin head up display – this is a compact devices which gives the information of car and other vehicles to the driver. This gives navigation notification on every nook and corner of the road. It also checks speed limit and enhances the speed monitor of the car. Further, it gives information about the current location to the driver.
  5. Blue tooth radio monitor – if your car does not have inbuilt blue tooth then you must keep a blue tooth radio adapter in your car. This device can be placed either in a lighter or power port and a person can connect his phone via Blue tooth  to this device and can hear his favorite radio station by tuning. This further has speakers and a display  screen  where  all calls and  played  music  both can be seen