We all know about the word nature. Nature gives us several things without any expection.It do not gives only human beings but gives animals,birds also.It’s door is always open for all.But what we give it ? Think about it.

Nature makes involvement of river sky water trees mountains falls etc.It is so beautiful gift of God for us.It gives us natural beauty.In between of this beauty we found a wonderful silence in our soul.

Birds,animals are live in between this beauty and eating,sleeping, wandering, drinking, playing also and maintain this beauty not destroy it.But what did human beings with it.We only destroy it for our benefit.We cutout trees,doing dirty water of river,pours,burn the forest and cuts the mountains etc many type of wrong practices we did for only and only our benefit.We don’t thought about those gifts which nature gives us everytime.

Nature gives gift us in every filed. It gives us in industrial filled,in food,in beauty,in home etc,we all knows about it.I only want to say that what our duty for Gift Of God Nature.We all knows it also very well.Whoever looks doing destroy it we have to stop them imitatively. If every man and woman understand this so no any person can do wrong practices with nature.For it our government also make some rules but some people not follow that.When every person will wakeup then we can control this wrong practice and will save our nature.