Attaining gender justice is not an easy task in India. Gender Discrimination in India means health, education, economic and political discrimination between men and women. Traditional value system, low level of literacy more house hold responsibilities lack of awareness, non availability of proper guidance, low mobility, lack of self confidence, family discouragement and advance science  and technology are some of the factors responsible to create gender disparity in our society. The most important cause of gender disparity includes poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social customs belief and anti-female attitude.

Women and men are two important components of society. Efforts to promote greater equality between women and men can also contribute to the overall development of human society. The socio economic role of women cannot be isolated from the frame work of development of the country. Females of our country have faced the discrimination for ages now and still continue to exist in various forms. Anything which is against equality gender and opportunity on the basis of gender is gender discrimination.

Nature doesn’t discriminate men from women. But women worldwide have been the victim of in equality not only in terms of social and political rights but also on grounds of employment opportunities. The mail – society of India makes its women habitual of this discrimination. As a result most women fail to understand their own rights and freedom. Marriage of women becomes more disgraceful if she faces dowry threats, which sometimes cause deaths also. There are many spheres of life where women are denied opportunities. Discrimination against female starts with their birth and continues through their lives. An unborn girl child is aborted with the help of sex determination techniques. A girl child who is born is seen as a burden on her parents or family and not given equal treatment as boys of the same family ever since birth she is not given proper nutritious food in some cases. As she is either denied of right to education and in some cases it is limited to elementary level. Her health and well being is not given due attention and concern. She is marriage at an early age. The discrimination doesn’t end here but continues with the expectations of giving birth to a boy. Almost all women irrespective of caste, creed or religion face some incidents of one teasing some are unfortunate to be assaulted sexually and raped. The most deep rooted forms of gender inequality had been built into the structure of traditional Indian society. Through gender equality is found in a large measure in the society under different dimensions for long time its importance has grown in the recent times only. The Government of India has taken several measures and also making endeavourer to hoist the status of women in the society in order to promote equality of men and women. The different plans programmer and policies have laid emphasis on women empowerment and raising the economic, educational, health and political participation of women to match with that of men.