“Great crimes are committed by great ignoramuse.”

Various crime detection techniques are heard by us now a day out of them. Some common are Narco Analysis, Brain Mapping, Lie Detector Test, Polygraph etc. let us discuss some of them are: –

  1. Narco Analysis – This term was introduced in the year 1936. This refers to that state of mind where a person talks freely irrespective of where he is and what is he saying. Narco analysis does not promote criminals the option of manipulating their answer. Narco analysis gives the imagination with a natural care. Reasoning and logical faculty of human brains are also improved by means of Narco analysis.

Among the research 20th century physicians have made popular the use of scopolamine, morphine and chloroform. This is mostly used as a state of walking sleep during the time of child birth scopolamine produces drowsiness in the body. Robert House in 1922 suggested this technique to be used for the interrogation of criminals. He was a Dallas Texas obstetrician and arranged two prisoners under the drug scopolamine. The prisoners accepted their guilt. His idea and experiment attracted attention and thus the term truth drug was coined in the world.

  1. Polygraph – This lie detector devices records various physiological variable as blood pressure, heart beat, respiration and skin changes at the time of questioning.

Brain Mapping – This determine truth by means of P 300 test. The sensors are attached to the head of the client and persons are seated before computer monitor. Certain images and sounds are presented and the activity of the brain is measures sensors are used to monitor electrical activity and P300 waves. However, questions are not asked in this test. Brain stores all these details in the perpetrators. This information is susceptible. The centre of brain mapping in India is situated at the forensic science laboratory in Bangalore, Karnataka.