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New gmail and its features

Gmail has been revamped many times in past six years. Now it has posses many security features to protect the personal data and deal  with suspicious emails. One should try new gmail option nfrom the setting which is depicted by gear icon. By clicking next and default with a view option we find new gmail box. The question is why one should try new gmail option. Here are the bonus and add on features of new gmail. Main menu – in the left we have some labels like important, sent, draft, spam etc. every time the cursor moves to show the full view of folder pane. Quick mentions – like the email address bar shows all the recipient’s list and you choose the one desired. Preview attachment – one can preview the attachment sent. This file can be downloaded as well without any inbox. Smart replies – gmail gives option for smart reply buttons. This option gives templates of replying. Snooze – clock icon on a e mail gives option for reminding about pending emails in your account. This also helps in reminding you to do  the follow up. Add-on sidebar – this helps in quick accessing and copy paste options. G suite  market place options help in installing extensions for productivity and collaboration of many tools. Google tasks are also provided. Hover actions – this helps the user...

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Wi-Fi extenders

If you have a big house and your router does not work properly there, then you have to face a big  problem of weak signal in your apartment. Here are some of the latest wifi extenders that you can use in your home. Net Gear AC 1200 – it has many special features like Wi-Fi protected access, point mode switch, power button etc. this also has super simple set up and compact design. You many get sroeng Wi-Fi signal in every corner of your home. Linksis welp – this also has high security features with modular mess network and new design. App based setup has 716 Mhz qu core processor off his device. This enhances the signal strength of router and makes it appear in wide range network/. TP link RI 350 Ac 1200 wifi range extender – this has KED connection strength with wifi protected access. This is cheaper in comparison to other wifi extenders. This has one front display and two antennas for better connectivity. 2 D link wifi dual band range DAP 1520 – this has two network antenna , protected access etc with easy to use site are, the two antennas are helpful in making signal go anywhere in the area concerned.   How to enhance offline productivity without internet connectivity Now a days internet facilities are closed due to security reasons. Here are some...

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Google docs and its app features

Google docs and its app features Google docs is a word based processor which is found in  Google web browser . This app launched recently known as google docs  helps in creating documents online with added features like editing, saving, copy, paste and sharing on other platforms. Other than that, documents can be accessed on any computer with internet feature. Google docs is a shared online document which has editing feature. All these features make this added features on Microsoft word. Using ms word is very easy like Google docs. For using google docs, one should first visit google. Com. After signing in an individual’s  Google account ( if you do not have an account, create a new one which is easy ), one can create new document on the start page creating  an blank page or new template document. After completing the prepared document, one can share such documents to the team concerned or colleagues. Google docs save and secure the article after typing it. Online storage component support helps in content automatic saving feature.  Google drive also helps in saving documents especially big and bulky files. There is no need to download the document for an  e- mail.  Also by Going in file menu and attaching the concerned file helps in sending and sharing the file in the format desired. If you want to share the documents...

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Best antivirus for your computer safety

Crashing of personal computer or laptop or crash crunch are the main key words which problems are facing at this moment. Following are the easy solutions to safeguard your precious machines. A time limited trial gives security to your personal computers which helps in saving  your machine with help  from well known premium antivirus utility. If you let go paying for subscription increasing further before the closure of trial ; then also your personal computer will se safeguarding as built in windows defender. Here are the other  three party solutions to help you  in a better way. Avast Antivirus – the lab test results of this antivirus lab are plentiful and positive. Further, this antivirus has excellent and best scores with network security inspector and password manager. However, the password managers and its features are limited with less score of anti-phishing score. Extra purchase is required for some bonus or added features too. Thus, this antivirus is a combination of a free antivirus with extensive and bonus features. AVG Antivirus – this antivirus has very good test scores from many independent testing labs. it also has a very good malware blocking score. Decent malicious URL score are also earned by this antivirus. Web security and plug ins are present there to check website ratings and also activate Do Not Track is another added feature. However, its am-phishing test scores...

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Robotics the branch that consists of making robots is an interdisciplinary one which includes both science and engineering. Robotics work with their control, sensory feedback and also information processing. These robots can be used in various situations and purpose. Robotics is considered to be the design and study regarding the use of robots. In Czech robots mean compulsory services. In this sense, robotics means a kind of machine which is programmed in carrying out a number of operations without any human guidance. The word robotics was invented by Issac Asima. Robots are considered to be used in industrial area...

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