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How on line dating decide whether this is the one for you

How online dating  decide whether this is the one for you One thing needs to be understood is that online  dating is not the process for assessing who is your soul mate. It  is tempting and alluring but it becomes frustrating when you look around it in a wrong way. A recent book published, entitled, love rules: finding a real relationship in a digital world by Joanna Coles assures one to take a practical approach in assessing what type or category of love one wants. She writes, “online dating is incredibly good for expanding your social network in general. I have lots of stories of people who moved to cities and didn’t know anybody and built up a friend group through online dating.” She believes that either your date is successful you get hooked up or married or it is an utter failure, that is you go to your  home alone and you are not in touch with the person again in any way. In simple terms, time decides if you want to hang out with someone once, twice, thrice or many times or in romantic context or may be in a platonic assessment of love. The ultimate question that one asks in such cases is the same, “is  he or she the one?” this kind of stress and questions in mind pose a threat to the date. These...

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Mating Intelligence – a new concept in married life

Mating Intelligence – a new concept in married life We all must have read about emotional intelligence; here is a new concept mating intelligence. Mating Intelligence (MI) refers to those skills which helps one to successfully negotiate between their romantic relationships. In the words of psychology today, it os defined as, “entire set of psychological; abilities required for courtship, flirtation, foreplay, mate-search, mate choice, mate-guarding, even mate switching.’’ A famous psychologist says, “A high mating IQ is linked to general confidence in one’s attractiveness, the ability to influence things in your favour yet having the ability to emphatise.” Psychological behaviorists and scientists have rightly remarked that the story of birds and bees comprises of attraction, copulation and reproduction and involves a mind game too. Versatile and legendary Hollywood actor and director Orson Welles once said, “if there hadn’t been women, we would still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat; because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends.” In simple terms, your success in the love game depends upon your mating intelligence. Science has always proved that mind has also matured with physical desires of human body. The goal of any romantic relationships is not in getting a companion like you or holding his attention or looking for better options.  Psychologist Glenn Geher and Scott Barry Kaufman in their book Mating Intelligence Unleashed has observed, “human...

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Top 5 cricketers who changed their religion

Top 5 cricketers who changed their religion Many cricketers have changed their religion. People want to know more about cricketers and their religion. Muhmad Yusuf – he was Christian and now he changed to Islam religion in 2004. Tilakratne Dilshan – he changed to Buddhism at the age of 16. Tuan Muhmad Dilshan changed o Tialkratne Diilshan. Ven Parle – he accepted Islam in 2011 and his name is changes to Walid. But he did not change his name on record. Suraj Randeev – this bowler of Srilanka stopped Virender Sehwag from scoring a hundred. His real name was Muhmad Marshuk Mohmad Suraj but later on accepted Buddhism. Kripal Singh – he played 14 test match from India. He loved Christian girl and married him. He left Sikhism and accepted Christianity. Although he follows ritual of both the religions,. His new name is Onard George....

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Why it looks like that people are unhappy with you ?

Today we find many people say that why are you always angry?  We all disprove or nod our head in disapproval. Sometimes we feel that we are not in a competitor to somebody? You might be feeling unfamiliar or familiar with  the  ongoing discussion in this article. You must be thinking that people didn’t find any face neutral in today’s world. Psychologists have researched in this issue in the past decade. In the latest issue of  journal published in march, Journal of Social and personal Relationship ; it is s  that children who are grown with parents cannot develop the capacity of reading between the faces. The reason cited for this in this study is that they might have not seen signs of conflict in their family. Alice Schermerhorn, who is a developmental psychologist working at the university of Vermont and the author of this study says that, “angry interactions could be a cue for them to retreat to their room. By comparison, neutral interactions might not offer much information, so children may not blame them and not learn to recognize them.” These finds are developed by the previous research on this issue. These indicate that depression, anxiety and irritation are the factors that affect a person’s perception to see other people’s faces. The research also shows that the people who are prone to negligence, violation  or physical abuse...

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How to identify an over thinker?

How to identify an over thinker? An anxious mind always anticipates think and is regarded as the main symptom of an over thinker. The question is how to make such an over active mind calm and serene. There are many exercises in this regard. one should move his body in many exercises like running, yoga, swimming or zumba. Any form of exercise is good which is enjoyed by the person doing it. It helps one in getting out of mind and body and improves the hormonal structure of human body. Stress hormones are reduced by exercises. Happy hormones are released which uplifts human mood instantly. For focusing on human body breathing is an important exercise which relaxes human body and rejuvenates human mind. Further, it increases concentration and overall state of mind. Take stress things lightly and dance to your own  tunes. Further don’t think about past or future because you can not control it. Think about the things that you have. It is  this realization of truth that helps one in distressing one self. Symptoms of low immunity Our body’s way of fighting  bad toxin like bacteria, fungal, virus, parasite or any foreign matter or some other bad materials. This immunity saves us from many diseases like hepatitis, lung infection, kidney or other immune conditions. Pathogens are surrounded in every element we use like water or air. We...

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