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Blanket rule for health

A good sleep in night is considered as the nutritional supplement and altogether a food fit approach is developed. The main elements of good health are nutrition, sleep , activity level, stress issue or bed time habits.  Here we have presented the good habits with a blanket rule given by pooja makhija, a nutritionist. . A blanket which covers us fron the outer chilly winter. So here are some of the tips helping you in it.   B – Balancing the correct nutrition in your diet – a nutritious diet should include 65 % carbs, 25 % protein and 10% fat. Adequate sleep is a big asset for better health. Another thing, we cannot sleep when we are hungry or have empty stomach or non nutritious food. L – Light dinner – a sound sleep does not require heavy dinner but a light dinner with better digestion and a healthy appetite. Dinner should be taken before 2 – 3 hours of sleep. A – activity or active personality – productive activities and meaningful sleep  is essential for better  health. idle brain as said, is an invitation to devilish ideas,. N – No stimulation – keep your I pad or phone way before hours of sleep and het ready to slow down your brain. K – kill caffeine from your diet –  coffee or tea should be taken between 2...

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Myths and truth relating to diabetes

Myths and truth relating to diabetes Diabetes is a serious disease and there are many myths surrounding it. Some of the myths are opened here. 1. Excess of sugar leads to diabetes – this statement is partially correct and partially incorrect. If there is no one diabetic in a family and no one is pre diabetic then he might not suffer from diabetes just by eating sugar items. If one’s family member is diabetic and is pre diabetic ; and eats sweets more then he might suffer from diabetes as insulin comes out of pancreas. 2. Diabetic person should not eat rice or potato – its nit that a diabetic person should not eat white rice or potato but he should eat carbohydrate food in limited quantity. Indian food comprises of 70 to 80 percent of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are responsible for obesity and diabetes. Eating polished rice, refined wheat and potato increases sugar level. A diabetic person should eat ore green leaf vegetable, soybean, kidney beans and grams or black grams. Thus increases the balance between protein and carbohydrates. 3. Diabetic have low resistance power and get ill easily – immune system is weak when a person has uncontrolled diabetic. They get prone to infection easily. If sugar is controlled and have controlled sugar then he might live a healthy life like a healthy human being. 4. Type 2...

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New age stress busters

New age stress busters Stress has now become the part and parcel of human life. Further, it has evolved and increased in multiple number in recent times.  People have prepared new methods to deal with this over growing stress. Stress is now seen in many shapes and is visible in all spheres of human life. Stress is  present everywhere like boss in office with his deadlines for work and different faces of household in domestic life. Somebody has aptly remarked, “The first and foremost thing that a person should keep in mind if he desires to stay hale and hearty in the long run is to be positive in all circumstances. Next comes, the physical activity involving about forty-five minutes of exercising, yoga, walking or any other kind of exercise which is also important to keep fit. It is important to eat right. Avoid consumption of alcohol and keep stress at bay.” Here we have picked some of the options for reducing stress in today’s life style. Visualization in a creative way – Carl Simonton developed this technique in 1970 . This was developed in order to help cancer and tumor patients. This is helpful for those who have the capacity to develop their own healing techniques. These visualizations are very successful for patients. People visualize and see relaxing beautiful images of their own choice like beach, calm and...

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  Breathe in, breathe out  () meditation for better health and body action A recent Study  at university of Columbia drives the conclusion  that people who regularly meditate are supposed  to have better sexual life and better functioning of sexual organs.  meditation has always been considered for keeping one stress-free, patient, tolerant and calm,  more new and recent studies suggest that it (meditation)  can also influence your sex life.  This is drawn by A study published in the journal of Sex and Marital Therapy where a study case  has established a link between  two elements, meditation and sexual functions; and their effect on human body. For this study, researchers studied around  451 women between the ages 19 and 70. These participants answered an online questionnaire which had questions based  on their sex life and meditation practices as well. It was  also reported here that women who meditate  had a better scores on parametric measures of sexual functioning and  erotic desires. Lori A Brotto,  who was the study’s lead author and is presently working as a professor at the University of British Columbia, told a leading website website, “In particular, our findings show that women with meditation experience have higher scores related to arousal lubrication, orgasm and desire that women with no meditation experience.” The study also focused  that meditation can also bring an overall improvement in the mental well-being...

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Nutrition for better brain health

It is rightly said, A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body. A brain fed on nootropics will help you in a long way  in good shape. One  doesn’t need a special rocket science to know  more about the brain  than anything else.  it is in  your brain that craves you  for the morning tea. A brain booster  shot of caffeine, known as coffee or tea  goes straight to the human brain and gets you going throughout the day. Caffeine is  like many other natural herbs and foods and are  classified as nootropics. an age-old science known as nootropics is becoming a cool concept now a day among healthy eaters around the globe. Also, today  with more mental and psychological complications on the impending growth, people want to do  those things that it is best precautions   to prevent the onset and stopping of brain diseases and age  in a graceful manner. What is Mental Nutrition?  It is defined, “As per clinical definition, for any substance to be called a nootropic, it must a) Enhance memory and learning ability, b) Help the brain function under disruptive conditions, c) Protect the brain from harmful chemical damage, d) Improve neuronal firing     mechanisms, e) Lack any sedative, stimulant or toxic effects” by Manjari Chandra, a senior nutrition consultant.  the  way by which human body improves with proper nutrition and regular exercise,...

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