There are four types of blood group found in humans: –

  1. A Blood Group
  2. B Blood Group
  3. AB Blood Group
  4. O Blood Group

Blood type is innate in human who is created in mother’s womb and could not be changed in entire life. Each Blood type has its own characteristics. Human blood is made up of RBC (Red Blood Cells), WBC (White Blood Cells) and platelets in liquid called plasma. The blood group is determined by antigens and antibodies. Antibodies are the natural crusaders against germs whereas. Antibodies are proteins in plasma that obstruct the foreign germ to harm the immune system of human body system.

For Example

Blood Group Antigens Antibodies
‘A’ Blood Group RBC (A) Blood Group Plasma Anti (B) Blood Group
‘B’ Blood Group B Antigens Plasma Anti (A) Blood Group
‘O’ Blood Group No Antigens Plasma Anti (A) &(B) Blood Group
‘AB’ Blood Group Both A & B Antigens No Antibodies


Wrong ABO group can give a fated blow to human health. Therefore different blood groups too need to be checked before any transfusion.

In terms of nutrition and weight type of blood gives an extra advantage. People with A blood group should switch to be a vegetarian as it is good for their health consuming foods according to blood group is an age old tradition. Blood type ‘O’ needs proteins and should eat meat and egg products often to overcome this deficiency. AB blood group people should eat seafood. Whereas Blood type ‘B’ should be beware of chicken meat and must quench their hunger with red meat. Personality too is determined on various characteristics. One of the bases is the blood type of the person. Person’s with blood group ‘O’ are social and extrovert. They also pass the quality of being creative and confident. A person with blood ‘A’ has aesthetic sense and is calm in nature. They are said to be trustworthy and loyal. Blood group ‘B’ is the people who have their own goals and are independent and strong. If we consider about the people having blood group type ‘AB’ then they are said to be caring responsible and shy.