A good sleep in night is considered as the nutritional supplement and altogether a food fit approach is developed. The main elements of good health are nutrition, sleep , activity level, stress issue or bed time habits.  Here we have presented the good habits with a blanket rule given by pooja makhija, a nutritionist. . A blanket which covers us fron the outer chilly winter. So here are some of the tips helping you in it.


B – Balancing the correct nutrition in your diet – a nutritious diet should include 65 % carbs, 25 % protein and 10% fat. Adequate sleep is a big asset for better health. Another thing, we cannot sleep when we are hungry or have empty stomach or non nutritious food.

L – Light dinner – a sound sleep does not require heavy dinner but a light dinner with better digestion and a healthy appetite. Dinner should be taken before 2 – 3 hours of sleep.

A – activity or active personality – productive activities and meaningful sleep  is essential for better  health. idle brain as said, is an invitation to devilish ideas,.

N – No stimulation – keep your I pad or phone way before hours of sleep and het ready to slow down your brain.

K – kill caffeine from your diet –  coffee or tea should be taken between 2 pm to 5 hours before you sleep. Caffeine is one of the major causes of insomnia.

E – exercise regularly – make this  a regular and good habit of yours.

T – tryptophan – this is the scientific name of an amino acid which helps in the production of serotonin which causes sleep. This kind of amino acid is found in many products like milk, fish, poultry, eggs and other. Therefore, in India we drink a glass of warm milk before sleeping, therefore, every nutritious elements should be taken in proper proportion.


Other than this, mediation helps in increasing the mental health of the person. For further medication, a doctor should be consulted.