Crashing of personal computer or laptop or crash crunch are the main key words which problems are facing at this moment. Following are the easy solutions to safeguard your precious machines.

A time limited trial gives security to your personal computers which helps in saving  your machine with help  from well known premium antivirus utility. If you let go paying for subscription increasing further before the closure of trial ; then also your personal computer will se safeguarding as built in windows defender. Here are the other  three party solutions to help you  in a better way.

  1. Avast Antivirus – the lab test results of this antivirus lab are plentiful and positive. Further, this antivirus has excellent and best scores with network security inspector and password manager. However, the password managers and its features are limited with less score of anti-phishing score. Extra purchase is required for some bonus or added features too. Thus, this antivirus is a combination of a free antivirus with extensive and bonus features.
  2. AVG Antivirus – this antivirus has very good test scores from many independent testing labs. it also has a very good malware blocking score. Decent malicious URL score are also earned by this antivirus. Web security and plug ins are present there to check website ratings and also activate Do Not Track is another added feature. However, its am-phishing test scores are not very  Further, the initial scan of this antivirus is very slowe than average. This antivirus has an amazing new look and better technology with  assurance of reliability from hands-on-tests and independent lab tests.
  3. Acronics Ransomware Protection – this protects your personal computers and laptops from the most ramsomware samples like Petya. This ransomware is helpful in the protection  of the   affected files. This antivirus detected around 10 stimulated ransomware attacks in the tests. This has an add on feature of hosting of 5 GB online backup data.  But this test will work on real qorld sample or not is a further quesyion of research. If your oersina computers miss a zero day ransome attack, then the trouble is sorted by the another layer of protection of online 5 GB backup storage.
  4. Bitdefender Antivirus – this antivirus is unobtrusive. This works entirely in background. There are no configuration settings in this type of antivirus software. These results are good and are proactive in resulting in malware blocking and other removal twists. This further has excellent phishing protection. However, the drawback is that this antivirus is tough to install on those systems which already have malware infested systems. Technical support is always provided through e mail only. Bitdefender Antivirus Free edition includes the same antivirus technology with is always found in commercial bitdefender antivirus and also has some useful bonus features with paid edition.
  5. Check Point Zone Alaram Antivirus – this antivirus is developed by the editors choice Kaspersky with strong firewall content  and 5 GB of hosted online data backup, it also has identity monitoring and credit protection. However, it lacks many advanced features of kaspersky. it does not have any phishing protection. In lab testing, this antivirus had maximum sensitivity and can acknowledge suspicious behavior. It also can differentiate between good and bad programs. It also has a top notch firewall with antivirus protection  which is licensed  from kaspersky who has won many awards in this field and is a reputed name.
  6. Cybereason Ranson Free – this prevents computers and laptops by detecting many ransomeware and its specific behaviors. It is virulent and has the capacity to work in real life. It is testeted and reliable.  Further, it has quick and simple installation. However, in some tests in many labs, this software was unable to detect many ransomwares. For such deadly attacks, it has second layer of defense mechanism. Therefore, installing this anti virus is a great idea.