Benefits of gossiping

Title may seem weird but a blabbermouth can help you in building a positive reputation of yourself. It is rightly said about gossiping, “great mind discusses ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.”  Gossiping gives us pleasure although we may seem guilty to oneself. Gossip is a fun giving activity but it may lead to a sound tension. For example, if we discuss some negative things like insulting someone, or talking inferior – superior or feeling insecure; we may get a negative impact or tension.

Another thing is that you are not taken seriously because you have to say something about everybody. Spontaneous traits are transferred with a positive talk. If you see somebody kind and generous, you feel yourself to be included in this category. Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist in his book Grooming, Gossip and the evolution of language has depicted many benefits to gossip. He concluded in his study that about two-thirds of all conversations and gossips are done on the basis of social and intellectual aspect. Further, these are discussed on topics like politics, books and art.  In terms of Dunbar, these are called, “social brain hypothesis”; meaning small talks and gossips which help us in building and analyzing the relationships in our surroundings and society. Gossips are directly related to grooming which helps us in turn forming alliances and bonds.

Even our biological aspect also makes us linked towards gossiping and swapping notes. Scientific studies have also proved that human brains have evolved through many gossiping sessions. A paper in British journal of psychology says that the names of people are mesmerized in a unique way in human brain for recalling information. Gossiping helps you in recalling and retrieving that part of information regarding the gossip.

Another paper in journal social cognitive and affective neuroscience and its researchers say that if people who have large social groups have a better brain power. By talking with people in large sector, people use their brain parts regularly. Therefore, we can conclude that gossiping has its own benefits. If a piece of information is recalled quickly, we can come closer to people and the gossiping group. The only requirement is being a positive talker.