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solar system

Solar System is the name given to a collection of heavenly bodies encircling around the sun. The sequence of planets is in their ascending distance from the sun. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto However, Pluto is now not considered as a planet in our solar system. Sun covers around 99.8% of total mass of the solar systems. Solar system is considered to have the shape of flat disc because all the planets revolve around the sun and the orbit of planets is elliptical and in same plane. All the planet revolves around the sun is...

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gender discrimination in india

Attaining gender justice is not an easy task in India. Gender Discrimination in India means health, education, economic and political discrimination between men and women. Traditional value system, low level of literacy more house hold responsibilities lack of awareness, non availability of proper guidance, low mobility, lack of self confidence, family discouragement and advance science  and technology are some of the factors responsible to create gender disparity in our society. The most important cause of gender disparity includes poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social customs belief and anti-female attitude. Women and men are two important components of society. Efforts to promote...

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importance of girls education

There was a time when people thought that it was not necessary to educate girls. Now we have began to realise that girls education is essential. Modern age is the age of awakening of girls. They are trying to compete with man in all spheres of life. Education is a basic facility given to girls in this age of economic crisis. Gone are the days of plenty and prosperity. Now days it is difficult for the people of the middle class to make both ends meet. After marriage, educated girls can add to the income of their husbands. If...

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Role of Bank in Indian Economy

On April 1, State Bank of India has become very large by the merger of various associate banks. 14 major banks were nationalised in 1969 during India Gandhi Regime. These two events portray how banks affect the socio-economic life of the country besides being the major centre for crediting money and financial mobilisation. An anonymous quote states, Banks have to act not only as purveyors of credit, but also as harbingers of social and economic development through a variety of enterprises, many of which may be tiny and yet capable of generating productive energies. Banks have gained immense popularity...

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Types of Blood Groups

There are four types of blood group found in humans: – A Blood Group B Blood Group AB Blood Group O Blood Group Blood type is innate in human who is created in mother’s womb and could not be changed in entire life. Each Blood type has its own characteristics. Human blood is made up of RBC (Red Blood Cells), WBC (White Blood Cells) and platelets in liquid called plasma. The blood group is determined by antigens and antibodies. Antibodies are the natural crusaders against germs whereas. Antibodies are proteins in plasma that obstruct the foreign germ to harm...

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