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Life” The Gift Of God

Life is a very beutiful gift of god.God thought about it very deeply and made it.In it several type of miracles happend.There is no end about anything.Every action happening automatically. Every person has different lifestyle but it involved same thing in different way.                                      At first I want to say about life of child. A child when born he don’t know about anything,only knows about his mother.He believe only on mother,wants to love,care,protection with her.He cannot say but mother understood that what her child want to say.She takecare of her child with very carefully. Childhood is very prity time,should not want any reason to be happy.Every time a child keep himself busy to do anywork.               Now I  want to say about a woman’s life.When God is creative structure of a woman,he take very time.God made a woman very beautiful,soft,status of love,having quality of sacrifices .A woman is behind of Every successful man.A woman lives lifetime only for another peoples.She handled in home and takecare of the same time to be able to several of peoples.She forgot her life and do only for others. Not take proper rest,food,drinks only for doing well  to give up every facility to others she has been done all.As my opinion no one is perfect as compare to her.Whole life she doing  best from her side for others. Now this tern to say about...

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What is a Real Women

A women doing her duty in the roll of a daughter,mother, wife, sister.When a lady born with her duty will start in the form of daughter. When she grow up slowly slowly she reads, play and helping her mother in home,after then she will get married and doing roll of wife,daughter-in-law, mother etc.Some rolls of a lady and her works are as follows- Mother-“Maa” means a word which is fullfill of Love.A mother left her all own work and do for her child.She makes tasty and healthy food for her child.She will teach her child first as a teacher.She...

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We all know about unemployment that how to spread its wings to everywhere. It is a very big problem of our country.It takes most involvement in progress of our country.Because its directly related to economy and its related to progress of our country. Today maximum population is suffering from this problem in India. Persentag of unemployment is high.We can’t talk about illiterate person but can talk about educated peoples.They also searching job here and there because its most important to there life.Every man needs money for living there life in good way and for this he have to do...

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Journey With Emotions

Hello,I am back again with “Journey With Emotions”. Hope you all enjoying it with me. Now a days Everyone is tried with busy life style. Workload is too much in everyone’s life.Everyone wants to live in relax environment where no tent ion of any work.So they have to made a journey at new places. When a person to hang out some favorite places he was nearest with  happyness.He leason the voice of heart.To be happy he made that program and to go out of stress full life. Many placess are to visit like pachmadi,mahabaleshwer,mandav,triupati balaji etc.Different people have different...

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Gift Of Nature

We all know about the word nature. Nature gives us several things without any expection.It do not gives only human beings but gives animals,birds also.It’s door is always open for all.But what we give it ? Think about it. Nature makes involvement of river sky water trees mountains falls etc.It is so beautiful gift of God for us.It gives us natural beauty.In between of this beauty we found a wonderful silence in our soul. Birds,animals are live in between this beauty and eating,sleeping, wandering, drinking, playing also and maintain this beauty not destroy it.But what did human beings with...

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