Author: Neha Singh

Negative Effects Of Fast Food and Cold Drinks

We have heard a number of times that Fast food is harmful to our health. But no one tells us why it is harmful actually. Here I have written about the few of the most popular and harmful fast foods and drinks, about their ingredients and effects of those ingredients on the human body. Please read on – Burger: Burger contains many harmful ingredients – cholesterol and saturated fat, trans fat, high amount of sodium, synthetic additives like preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners. And some people also order the burger that is loaded with the toppings. But the ones commonly ordered...

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Quotes By Rajnish Osho That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Life

To those who don’t know, Rajneesh was an Indian Godman and leader of the Rajneesh movement. Rajneesh was born on 11 December 1931 and he is popularly known as Osho, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Acharya Rajneesh or simply Rajneesh. People know him as a controversial mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher. Osho used to think that a human being should be like “Zorba the Buddha” who is capable both of enjoying the earthy pleasures of a Zorba the Greek and the silent serenity of a Gautama the Buddha. He was the kind of person who will make you fall in love...

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Narendra Modi And His Inspirational Quotes

Narendra Modi is an Indian politician who is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India. He was born on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Gujarat. He was born in the family of grocers. He has experienced poverty in his childhood and that is why Modi wants to help needy people. He is a very optimistic person and a successful politician. He is one such politician because of whom youth of India started to take interest in politics. Life of Narendra Modi and his journey from a poor man to the Prime Minister of India is very...

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E – Governance

Government is that organisation of body that needs to take quick, timely and swift action. The decision taken by the government takes one and all. Available resources and their correct and optimum allocation is also a chief work of government. The issues pertaining to these decisions involves a lot of detailed information and assessment. IT (Information Technology) has provided an online access to each and every information relating to it. E-governance or electronic governance works on the basis of construction of infrastructure in both rural and urban areas. The information here is processed and stored in correct and appropriate...

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The Human Genome Project

This project was launched in the year 1990. This is first large science project in the field of biology. The planning of this project is done with an expenditure of around three billion dollars. This project further involves 18 countries and 250 laboratories. This project has an objective to help the creation of a map which have the whole set of genes (genome) present in human cell. This project helps in decoding human cells by explaining the concept of three billion units or base pairs (bp) of human DNA. The genome is also known as the book of life....

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