Nowadays, the latest trend of ‘romantic destination wedding for your romantic wedding’ is a rage. People are very excited to make their wedding so special and memorable. For such couple who want to have a very romantic and a memorable destination wedding, I would like to share with you the 5 romantic destination wedding places in India

  1. Goa :

Pic:Goa Destination Wedding

Goa is the perfect location for the couple’s dreamy destination wedding dreamby blue beaches. Most of the hotels in Goa are by the coastline where you can arrange your wedding and enjoy the ceremony with the sunset along with your family members and close friends and relatives.


  1. Kerala :

Pic : Kerala Destination Wedding


Kerala is a place having soul soothing beaches, houseboats, sparkling backwaters and picturesque locations for a destination wedding in nature.All love to stay and relax in a houseboats amidst the backwaters but you can have your entire wedding on a houseboat (houseboat special for wedding) and your wedding will be so dreamy.


  1. Udaipur :

Pic : Udaipur Destination Wedding


Udaipur is a place where royal destination weddings happen. So if you are a fan of royal wedding or wants to live a royal life for a day or two then go ahead for a royal destination wedding at Udaipur and be a king or a queen for your wedding.


  1. Shimla :

Pic : Shimla Destination Wedding


If you are someone who wants to have a off beat destination wedding, then Shimla is the place for you where you can have a wedding away from the hustle and the bustle of the city.Shimla popularly known as the summer capital of India, is a scenic town covered with pine trees, little colonial bungles and cobbled streets.As Shimla is cool even during hot summers, it is the best choice for the destination weddings in summer.


  1. Kutch :

Pic : Kutch Destination Wedding


Gujarat is an amazing state in India where there is a place called as tent city in the Kutch district that is ‘The Rann of Kutch’. It is a very gorgeous place having glistening white sand. Having a destination wedding in Kutch will be a dreamy affair.

So, which romantic destination wedding place will you choose for your destination wedding? Let me know in the comments section.