A wedding is the most cherished and special moment in someone’s life. To make this special moment of the wedding more special, pre-wedding shoots are a rage these days. A pre-wedding shoot is a shoot that takes places three or six months prior to the wedding. Pre-wedding shoots are the latest wedding trend in India. As you are reading this article, you are the one who will be getting married soon and I suggest you to getting your pre-wedding shoot done too as this will be the memorable experience for you guys and you will get lots of memories to cherish. So, without any further delay, I am going to write down ‘awesome pre-wedding shoot ideas for the couple’ here –

  1. Sports-themed pre-wedding shoot:

Pic:Football Couple Instagram

The couple who are sportsperson or who love sports or playing outdoor games or who loved the idea of the sports-themed pre-wedding shoot can get such pre-wedding shoot done.

Music-themed pre-wedding shoot:

Pic:  Couple Playing the Guitar

The couple who play musical instruments such as guitar, tabla, violin or any musical instrument should give this music-themed pre-wedding shoot a try. Not only the couple who knows how to play any musical instrument but also the couple who loves music can get this photoshoot done.


Fitness themed pre-wedding shoot:

Pic: Fitness Couple

If you are the type of couple who are serious about fitness, then fitness themed pre-wedding shoot is the best idea for you. Get the fitness themed pre-wedding shoot done in a fun way. I am sure you will love the pictures.

Beach themed pre-wedding shoot:

Pic:Beach Couple

Are you a hopeless romantic couple? Then what could be the best theme other than the beach for you. Get your romantic pre-wedding shoot done by the beach. Your pictures will be so romantic.

Flowers themed pre-wedding shoot:

Pic:Couple With Flowers


Your would be wifey love the flowers and you want to surprise her with a special gift? Surprise her with aflowers themed pre-wedding shoot and you will have amazing pictures with full of flowers.


How was the ‘unique pre-wedding shoot ideas’ guy? Let me know in the comments. I hope these awesome pre-wedding shoot ideas for the coupleinspired you too for getting your shoot done. After getting your pre-wedding shoot done, you will be having a lots of fun memories to look back with a smile.