Hollywood has always produced mystery thrillers. Here is a list of those horror movies which posses a major horror effects which weak people should not see otherwise they may suffer  severe heart attack.  Let us have a look on such movies.

  1. Bottle royal – this Japanese movie was released in 2009 and had many blood scenes in it. This movie was banned due to such scenes.
  2. Hostel – this movie was released in three parts. The first part got released in 2005 . here , two students went to an European trip and stay in such a hostel which is a haunted place.
  3. The last house on the left – this movie is based on teenage girls who are kidnapped and harassed. This movie has crime as the main element and some of the scenes are very deadly and hence, it was banned.
  4. I spot on your grave – people suffer from insomnia after watching this film, this is a story of girl who is raped by four people. After rape, she is brutally murdered by them.
  5. The human centipede – this movie is based on human humiliation and is banned in united kingdom and Australia. Some of the scenes are so furious that they can dismantle anyone.
  6. Scar face – this crime based movie also has many horrifying scenes.
  7. A clockwork arrange – this 1971 movie was banned due to many humiliation scenes. This movie was based on a crime novel. The main hero faces the charges of rape and murder and is sentenced to jail. It also remembers how he  attempts to break the jail.
  8. The last temptation of chrisht – this movie had some of the scenes related to Christianity and this was banned.
  9. A Serbian horror film – the story revolves around a porn star who is facing financial trouble. Then she starts working n arts family. This movies os based on the characters like pedofil and mefrofil who wants to do human humiliation.
  10. Broke back mountain – this movie shows the relationship between two men. Due to some of the scenes, the movie was banned.
  11. The green inferno – this movie is based in the group of students who wants to work in saving the forest of Amazon. But they stick to Ireland where they meet cannibals, how cannibals and they face each other. Thus, this movie was banned.
  12. The Texas chain saw my care – this American movie was directed by toad Hooper. This movie was released in 1974. This is based on the life of a real life murder who wants to kill 5 friends together.


7 single others of bollywood


Mothers day is approaching soon. Here we will present some of the single mothers who are beautifully raising their children alone and is a motivation to all the women of the world.

  1. Sushmita sen – miss universe sushmita sen has not married till now. She is raising her adopted daughters, renee and alishah.
  2. Karishma kappor – she is raising her children saimaria and kiaan raaj after divorce from her husband, a delhi based businessman sanjay kapoor.
  3. Raveena tandon – she raised her two adopted daughters, chaya and pooja before marriage. After marriage, she has two kids, daughter rasha and son ranveervardhan. She is a doting mother of four children. Pooja and chaya stayed away from the limelight of bollywood and are happily married today.
  4. Pooja bedi – the daughter of kabir bedi and protima bedi is a single mother after her divorce from farhan ibrahim. She is raising her daughter and son herself.
  5. Honey irani – she is the first wife of javed akhatr. She raised her children, son farhan and daughter zoya alone after divorce from her husand. Her son farhan akhatar is a well known director and actor who had directed movies like dil chahta hai and acted in rock on 1 and rock on 2 with first biopic of bollywood based on flying sikh milkha singh’s life bhaag milkha bhaag. Her Daughter is one of the successful women directors of bollywood who directed movies like zindagi na milegi dubara.
  6. Konkana sen Sharma – she is a single mother and is raising her son harron after getting divorce from her husband ranveer shorey.
  7. Amrita singh – she is raising her son Ibrahim and daughter sara after divorcing nawab of patuadi, saif ali khan. Her daughter sara will soon debut in bollywood with kedarnath with actor sushant singh rajput.